Look who’s standing up for
full Fourth Amendment rights for kids

As noted in the overview of the case, it’s not every day that the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Family Research Council come down on the same side of an issue.  And that’s far from the only example of the case for full Fourth Amendment rights for children crossing traditional ideological lines.

One can find among the 70 organizations and individual experts siding with the Greene family in “friend of the court” (amicus curiae) briefs the National Center for Youth Law, the Battered Women’s Resource Center and the Clinical Social Work Association.  But also the Eagle Forum, the Pacific Justice Institute, and Liberty Counsel.

Perhaps most important, while those who support near unlimited state power over families love to cast the issue as supposedly pitting “parents rights” against “children’s rights,” the “friends of the court” demonstrate once and for all that the claim is false.

Groups like the National Center for Youth Law, the Juvenile Law Center, Center for Children’s Advocacy at the University of Connecticut, Penn State University’s Children’s Advocacy Clinic,  Lawyers for Children, the Columbia Law School Child Advocacy Clinic, Loyola Civitas ChildLaw Center and others – including the Juvenile Rights Project from the Greene family’s home state of Oregon - represent children in individual child welfare cases and/or impact litigation.  They know that standing up for full Fourth Amendment rights means standing up for children’s rights.

Below you’ll find links to the brief from the Greene family and all of the friend of the court briefs supporting the family, as well as a list of all of the organizations.  There is no significance to the order in which briefs are presented, and the organizations are listed in the order in which they appear on their respective briefs.

The Family Defense Center organized and coordinated this effort.  For further information contact FDC’s Executive Director, Diane Redleaf, diane(at)familydefensecenter(dot)net.

Loyola Civitas ChildLaw Center
National Center for Youth Law
Clinical Social Work Association
Southern Poverty Law Center
Lawyers for Children
Children and Family Justice Center
Children’s Advocacy Clinic
Prof. Michael S. Wald
Prof. Donald Duquette
Prof. Erik S. Pitchal
Prof. Paul Bennett

New York University School of Law Family Defense Clinic
Columbia Law School Child Advocacy Clinic
The Bronx Defenders
The Brooklyn Family Defense Project
The Center For Family Representation, Inc.

Family Research Council
American Coalition for Fathers and Children

Family Defense Center

Rutherford Institute

Battered Women’s Resource Center
California Partnership to End Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Report
Family Violence Law Center
inMotion Inc.
Lakeshore Legal Aid
Legal Services-NYC
Life Span
My Sisters’ Place
National Advocates for Pregnant Women
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
New York Legal Assistance Group
Sharwline Nicholson
University of Baltimore Family Law Clinic

Pacific Justice Institute
CPS Watch Legal Team

Legal Aid Society Juvenile Rights Practice (New York City)

Juvenile Law Center
Center for Children’s Advocacy, University of Connecticut Law School
Center on Children and Families, University of Florida
Prof. Mae C. Quinn
Education Law Center – Pennsylvania
Juvenile Rights Project, Oregon
National Juvenile Defender Center
Prof. Tamar Birckhead
Prof. Kristin Henning
Prof. Barry Krisberg
Prof. Wallace Mlyniec

Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Civil Rights and Liberties Committee of the New York County Lawyers’ Association
Center for Constitutional Rights

American Family Rights Association
Oregon Family Rights
Family Advocacy Movement
Family Legal Project of Nebraska
Home School Legal Defense Association
Georgia Office of Family Representation
U.D.C. David A. Clarke School of Law Legal Clinic
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

Center for Law and Education,
Learning Rights Law Center, 
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
Pacer Center
Parents United for Responsible Education

Legal Services for Children

Children’s Law Section, State Bar of Michigan

Center for Individual Rights

Society of Catholic Social Scientists

Liberty Counsel